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Wiki Instructions for Teachers

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A wiki is a collaboration.

I welcome all teachers to post information for students.

If you would would like to post on this wiki you may request access by clicking on the top right text request access.  I will invite you to the wiki which means you will need to set up a PBworks account. 

Once you have an account you may follow the following steps to post to our wiki. 



Editing a Wiki or Workspace


1.   Go to a page you would like to edit and click on Edit





2.  Add the content.  Click Save and Continue  often or if you would like to see how the page will look, click Save


To attach a file to the wiki:


3.  Select the Images and files tab:



4.  Click Upload Files.

      Locate the file from your computer files and click Select.

5.  On the wiki page, place your cursor where you want the clickable hyperlink to the

     document to appear.  Type the text you want to be the clickable link. 

     Click on a page from the list of pages you have uploaded.

6. Be sure to test the link to see that it accesses the file you intend.

7.  When you finish editing the page be sure to click Save.


To create a link: 


8.  You can create a link to another page in your wiki, to a URL or to an e-mail address.  If

     you want to link to another page in your wiki, first create the page then create the   



9.  Type a word and highlight it.

        Click the Add Link button in the toolbar.



10.  Type in the name of the page or click on Browse Pages and Files




11.  To link to a website, click on Web Address and type in the URL of the website you wish to link to. 

          Select Open in new window




12. Click on Insert Link 

13.  Click  Save and Continue or Save.

14.  Finished!


Click Here for the PDF of above editing instructions.



If you have set up a PBworks account,

have requested access to this wiki and

would like to experiment first,

go to the Sandbox page and

feel free to try posting information.







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