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Technology for Paraprofessionals

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APRIL 10, 2014



1.  Microsoft Word: Go to Applications>Microsoft Office > Microsoft Word (Handout)
     a.  Format 
     b.  Print 
     c.  Save 
     d.  Open in PDF

2.  Find images on Google and insert into document (Handout)

3.  Copy and Paste from a website onto  a document

4.  Changing preferences: Go to Word > Preferences
     a.  Word
     b.  Firefox > Preferences
     c.  Chrome > Preferences
     d.  Safari > Preferences

5.  Google Drive (Handout)
     a.  Format
     b.  Print
     c.  Save
     d. Open in PDF


6.  Access the Google Crossroads School Calendar (Handout)
     a.  You will need to set up a Google Account first if you do not have one.


7.  Access the Crossroads Library Website (Handout)

     a.  Databases 
     b.  Library Wiki


     c.  Pathfinders

          i.  Go to Library Wiki.  In the right margin, Click on Pathfinders

8.  Access all the Databases and eBooks using the Library Website and Passwords


9.  Using Alexandria to locate books (Online Tutorial)

     a.  Go to Library Wiki.  In the right margin, Click on Alexandria Tutorial

10. Evaluating Websites and Wikipedia

11. Log into the Crossroads Desktop Computers

12. Access email:     mail.sbschools.org
     a.  school or home with this web address
     b.  Log in and select new to create a new email.

     c.  To access the staff directory, Click on To

13. Log into the Staff Portal
     a.  Paystubs 
     b.  School Dude Technology Requests
     c.  PD Express

14. Log into PD Express: pd.sbschools.org
     a.  Sign up for workshops on PD Express:  Go to In District PD>Get Calendar of events or Click on List on the top left
     b.  View My Information on PD Express: Go to In District PD > Click on Transcript on the top left and select from the box the time period you would like to print
     c.  Explore other tabs in My Information 



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